Montag, 3. November 2008

45th Munich Mineral Show

Some impressions from 45th Munich Mineral Show

Megaloceros giganteus - the irish or giant elk, facsimile and ...

original skull, river Rhine, Germany.

Mammoths, Bison, Deer, Bear and Horse, mainly Russia

Smoky Quartz, Alps. The romans know that this mineral could be found in the mountains, and believed that this was ice so deeply frozen, that no fire could ever melt it.

Many where the treasure that man searched and extracted in the mountains (like in the Hohe Tauern regions, Austrian Alps), crystals, gems and the the most elusive of all…

GOLD !!! , here a specimen of a new discovered gold vein (August 2008), from the Aosta valley (Border Swiss-Italy). A difficult, and dangerous search...

The time has run down.

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