Montag, 19. Januar 2009

I am Geologist

It’s seems that geologist rank among the 30th place under the best jobs in the world - even if we are stressed, unhappy people - used to do everything for the company, forgetting about family, friends and hobbies - and life itself during dangerous field exploration.
Chronically underpaid, doing a lot overtime without getting anything in return, always asked everywhere and by everybody “what’s the name of that rock lying in my backyard” – but then not to be trusted if we tell about “million of years old stones, mass movements and geological hazards” especially by engineers.
At least I don’t have to push a rock on a mountain for eternity….

Remember - you are not alone. Geologists Anonymous can help you.


Silver Fox hat gesagt…

Great video!

Suvrat Kher hat gesagt…

Hilarious! thanks.