Dienstag, 17. März 2009

Breaking Boulders with Bare hands

Granite is sure one of the toughest rocks on earth, but sometimes even this rocks get literally chrushed in a million pieces. The picture shows the same boulder before and after I gently touched it. Have I underevaluated my strength ?
Even the name given with the german term „Geschiebeleiche – bedload carcass“ decribes perfect the status in with this rock can be found.

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jolo hat gesagt…

I would be very interested in knowing if you found this in a secured glacial setting. I have found similar samples in a gorge where glacial sediments would have been removed most certainly (Google Earth coords: 46°40'18.95"N and 11°13'24.94"E). Granted, the overall setting could be interpreted as glacial (large boulders in a fairly fine grained matrix, no layering, etc.) - but the geological map shows "complex gravitational mass movements" at this position. So I thought that this might have been the result of a spectacular event where large masses of rock/sediment/whatever fell down into the gorge and where destroyed after the event. But as I see your example I began do develop the idea that glacial deposits from higher above where somehow transported into this gorge. So they certainly would be "Geschiebeleichen" but not originally deposited here. Hm. Huge Hm... Thanks for your post anyways - it got mit thinking again and gave me a new direction!