Montag, 31. August 2009

#19 AW & call for #20

The #19 Accretionary Wedge is up on Dino Jim´s Musing, and this time it will stimulate all your senses...

The next Accretionary Wedge will be hosted here - let's say because it's the #20 on 20.09.2009 (easy to remember), and after explaining how somebody becomes geologist, or how to teach geology, and why "bad" movies and cake are so important in geology - why not asking:

What remains to be discovered for future earth scientists what we (still) don't know about earth? What are the geological riddles that still lack answer - all questions are allowed - it could be a local anomaly, or a global phenomena, or something strange...(Naturally you can also include a possible answer to your problem).

And when you are not afraid to pass this edition of AW, we are still searching host's for the next edition in October.

Submit your question simply by posting a link as comment here or by mail.


Lockwood hat gesagt…

Here's my submission.

Tuff Cookie hat gesagt…

Sorry my contribution is so late! Thanks for the topic.

Hypocentre hat gesagt…

Not as late as mine.

Sorry, it is a bad time of year with the start of teaching.