Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Landslide in Calabria

Landslide in Calabria (South-Italy), town of Maierato (38°42`29``N 16°11`33``E) - 15.02.2010:

UPDATE 17.02.2010: Video of landslide-aftermath

UPDATE 16.02.2010: Mass evacuation of all 2.300 inhabitants of Maierato, a town in the province of Vibo Valentia: an entire side of the mountain which is located near the town collapsed yesterday morning and caused a huge landslide. The landslide - says the mayor Sergio Rizzo - threatens an important part of town and we have unfavourable weather conditions, so we decided not to risk. The first 300 people were evacuated from their homes yesterday evening, but this morning began the evacuation of the entire town. Rainy weather and resulting mass wasting has caused problems also in other parts of Calabria and Sicily.

Fig.2. Carta Geologica della Calabria Foglio 241 1:25.000 (click to enlarge)

The landslide developed in Pliocene-Miocene marls and argillaceous deposits, and showed first signs of reactivation 10 days ago.

Fig.1. Extract of the geological map of Maierato, by Dr. E. Bonino. M= Miocene, P= Pliocene, d= recent deposits. Area of landslide red contour. See also this WebGIS application.

UPDATE: Map of MAIERATO with preliminary risk zonation and delimination of landslides

VIDEO (16.10.2010)

VIDEO released 15.02.2010:


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