Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

World Wide Water

96% of one of the most important resources on earth can be found underground - potable water. For thousand of years, wells and natural springs have supplied clean and abundant groundwater to human communities’ throughout the world.
Even if groundwater was and is so important, until now there was no map or data about the global distribution of it in the underground. But now the first results of the in the year 2000 initiated International Hydrologic Program (IHP), coordinated by the UNESCO, are presented – the "World-wide Hydrological Mapping and Assessment Programme" (WHYMAP). In the databank were mapped all aquifers extending about country borders - in total 273.
68 aquifers can be found in North- and South America, 38 in Africa, 65 in Europe, and 12 in Asia. The maps also show the water quality and the amount that the reservoirs contain.
65% of the global Groundwater were used as drink water, Europe covers 70% of it need, some countries, especially in dry regions, cover 100% of their water-need with groundwater.

It’s interesting to note that the African continent possesses aquifers, which contain vast amounts of water. Once precipitation, that felt 10.000 to 6.000 years ago, when the climatic shift brought wet air masses were today you can find the saharian desert.

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