Mittwoch, 11. November 2009


NASA has put online a website to dismiss the predictions about the end of the world as we known it in December 2012. Doomsday scenarios comprise planets that hit earth, polar shift theory and as the last, but not least, the meteor of doom.

But when the (false) prophets claiming to know about the end had studied carefully the Mayan calendar, they would know that the end of the world will approximately be as following:

First, the very old goddess Chakchell, with her terryfing snake headdress, will shake out the waters from the jar of the gods.
Then, with the help of the dark god of the underworld, a owl is symbol of his power, they together will force the divine crocodile to spit out a even more deadly deluge of water. And finally even the holy hieroglyphs will cry and the world will sunk and drown.

That's what I claim is a good catastrophic Armageddon ... or as option watching another movie by R. Emmerich... (hurry up Chakchell !!).

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