Freitag, 6. November 2009

Chicken Wing

The 8th specimen of Archaopteryx was not found in the limestone formation of the Solnhofer Plattenkalke, in contrast to all other fossils, but in the overlying , and younger, Mörnsheimer Schichten in 1990. Only parts of the wings and skull are preserved. The exemplar is part of a private collection and still not studied, so the attribution to the genus Archaeopteryx is not proved.

Another fragmentary skeleton is the 9th fossil of Archaeopteryx, the specimen of the family Ottmann and Steil, or "Chicken wing", discovered 2004, and only preserved as the right wing missing parts of the digits. The proportions of the bones are very similar to the other fossil bones of the known Archaeopteryx specimens, also are the imprints of the feathers recognizable.

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